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Just out of town is Millerton Lake Recreation Area. I ride up here often when I don't have the time to go elsewhere. It has a fun trail that anyone can ride (beginner) that goes around to the marina and back. We'll call it the Marina Trail as I haven't heard any other name for it. If you start at the Historic Millerton Courthouse parking it is 9.4 miles. On the Madera side of the lake there is a shorter and bit more intense trail. Let's call it the Madera Trail, which is 7.1 miles if you ride the long way that includes 3+ miles on pavement.

I met some local bike club members, Patrick, Clay, Daniel and Dean at Whiskers for this ride. The ride was to Shuteye Peak which requires a need for adventure from the rider. Ranks high on the tuff scale for conditioning and technical abilities. For me only the scenery makes this worth doing. This was my second trip and there will have to be a good reason to do it again. I would like to get up there on a clear spring morning. The ride is 20 miles if you start at Whiskers.

Just out of town at Millerton Lake is the Sky Harbor to Squaws Leap ride. It is a 20+ minute drive from Fresno to Sky Harbor but then requires a long shuttle to Squaws Leap. This is a late fall, winter or early spring time ride unless you commonly ride the desert in the summer. Even in the spring you need to bring as much water as you can carry so I can't imagine how much water would be needed in the summer. Even though it is only 15 miles there is a lot of climbing. At the very least this is a difficult ride.

The Squaws Leap Loop ride makes a great late fall, winter and early spring ride. I have ridden this trail many times and have seen or talked to riders that have seen rattle snakes on this trail. I've never heard of anyone being bit. Moderate difficulty with a few tuff spots scattered along the 7.5 miles.

Starting from the same parking area and on the same trail as the Squaws Leap Loop is the Temperance Flat Trail. I really like this trail better than the Loop. It's longer and requires more climbing but the climbs are shorter there is just a lot of them. This can be a long ride, 12.5 miles, and is moderately difficult so plan to do it on a cool day and bring plenty of water.

Another ride in close proximity of Fresno is at Hensley Lake. This is an easier ride than most but still offers some technical sections and a fair bit of climbing. There are many different loops to ride here. A beginner to intermediate ride that is around 6 miles depending on what loops you take.

Near Yosemite there are two rides, Lewis Creek and Big Trees. They are an hour+ drive from Fresno, a few miles north of Oakhurst off Hwy 41. Both of these are great rides spring, summer and fall. The only thing that might rate these as moderately difficult is their distance, one is 17+ miles and the other is 20.

This is one of my local favorites. The 0007 trail is just above the east end of Bass Lake and about an hour from Fresno. I guess you can call this difficult if you ride to the top. If you don't mind walking your bike through the difficult sections it could be considered moderately difficult or less. 14+ miles.

Just across the lake from the 0007 trail is the Goat Mountain ride. There are a few ways to do this but here is one I take. Nice ride with a fast fun downhill. This isn't a hard ride but it's not a beginner either. The single track is narrow but clean and firm most of the way other than a few rocky sections. The gnats/flies are terrible in the fall and there is poison oak along the trail. Just less than 11 miles.

Another classic is up near Shaver Lake on the way to Dinkey Creek, also about an hour from Fresno. They hold races at the Tour de Granite every year in early August. Walking the granite wall, which all but hardiest do, is what makes this ride difficult. If you walk a couple other sections it's moderately difficult. It's a short ride, just under 8 miles, and seems to go by quickly.

I do not guarantee the accuracy of any trail descriptions so always go prepared.

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