Biking - I've been mountain biking for the last four years or so. Bought a road bike almost a year ago and seem to spend more time on it lately. This page has pictures and trail descriptions from latest rides.

Camping - I prefer sleeping in the great outdoors to motel/hotel camping. Unless of course it's raining. :-)

Subaru Outback - Proud owner of a VDC, amazing sounds and great in the snow.

Kayaking - Was a passion but the logistics of biking is more attractive. I have two whitewater boats that I'd like to sell. Also have a sea kayak that is quite the water craft for trips to Mexico and Vancouver. Won't be selling it.

Sailing - You just can't sail enough unless you just can't sail. Any time any place, except Bass or Shaver Lake.

Skiing - For 10 years I skied a lot but for the past 10 haven't skied much. Biking has helped my knees so skiing is again looking good especially since the crowds seem to be thinning.

Scuba Diving - Wonderful sport just don't get to do it enough. I was able to go diving quite a lot for a number of years but other things have distracted me. I will be diving again and hope it's soon. Although I think the Channel Islands are the best, I still prefer the warmer climates.

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