Great place to be on a hot afternoon - even if it is illegal.
Every once in a while you have to share this 50 yard wide wave with someone else...the rest of the time it's the best. Actually this is a secret spot that I don't think I have seen more than 5 boats on it at one time. And that's without anyone waiting on shore. You can surf across it in 30-45 seconds if you can do it in one shot. Not that tuff really, especially when it's at the level you see here (1500cfs+). At big flows (7-8k) it is scalloped with holes from one side to the other, all with big smiles. Steep and breaking at 4 to 5K. It's about 30 minutes from town. It's a perfectly harmless wave but the local law isn't very informed about boating. If you do come across it please don't run the weir as that really pisses the local law off. There are large eddies on both sides for easy access.

I'm selling a Perception Overflow and Dagger Vertigo (see above) plus a ton of gear if anyone is interested. Drop me an .

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