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I recently took a trip to the Mammoth/Owens Valley area. My brother Al moved to Chalfant (15 miles north of Bishop) in July. The last two trips over there we have been eyeing Mt. Morrison. Before he moved there we always camped at Convict Lake and you can see Mt. Morrison just to the south. The other thing you can see from Convict and Hwy 395 are the switchbacks that go up to Mt. Morrison. They actually lead to Mt. McGee but you will understand if you decide to take this one on. Our dad and his buddy used to take us up those switchbacks when we were kids. We would camp at the top. I think they just liked to keep us as far away from other folks as possible. ;-)

So we've been looking at these switchbacks for a couple of years now and talking about maybe riding the bikes up there. I mean we had already ridden up the Laurel Lakes trail, how much harder could it be? (A bit actually) So this year we decided it was now or never. I'm not sure I'll do it again but it was worth all that walking. This is the physically toughest ride I have done to date.

What is becoming our favorite in the Mammoth Lakes area is the Mountain View Ride combined with the Uptown/Downtown single track loop. We discovered that the loop closest to the road is for riders going up. Moderately easy ride.

Another ride is just north of Bishop that snakes along Lower Rock Creek. This can be done as a loop or a gradual downhill with shuttle. Beware of poison oak. Moderately difficult due to the technical sections.

I do not guarantee the accuracy of any trail descriptions so always go prepared.

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