I joined my brother Al on one of his annual fishing trips to Ennis, Montana. The first day we drove over to Nevada City. Historical Nevada City, an antique collectors paradise. Now that I've got you excited, nothing pictured here is for sale but still worth the trip. Unfortunately I had to take these shots through unwashed windows. Wandering around the historic Nevada City you'll notice that people were of smaller stature back in those days. This makes me wonder if we aren't the next dinosaurs... Here is a picture of the General Store's interior. Inside an old railroad barn there was a completely restored locomotive. It was a thing of beauty and I would have loved to get in to see it up close but this is as close as I could get, peeping through the windows. If you are ever in Montana try to get by here and have a look around. Grab yourself a frothy glass of Moose Drool while your there.

Speaking of Bullwinkle, one of the things on my "got to get a picture of" list was a moose. On my last day of fishing our guide took us to a "secret spot". Secret spot...long hike, rain, cold and no fish. I stayed ashore and took pictures. Turns out the "real" secret spot was a pond 200 yards from where we parked. We caught a bunch of grayling in it. Next to this pond is where I got my moose picture so the day was a total success. My brother and the guide were 20 yards behind me wondering when the moose was going to charge me. I didn't see him till I was in the position I took the picture from, which was probably too close. I figured running would be a waste of time so I took my pack off and nervously got the camera out to take the picture. It's not a very good picture for many reasons but I got it.

Most of the fishing was on the Madison River which runs by the town of Ennis. Ennis, the town of 650 people and 10,000,000 trout or so the sign says on the way in. We caught a lot of fish on the river and here are just a couple. First fish and second fish. I would show you some that I caught but my brother can't take pictures. ;-) We also caught a few on Ennis Lake and here is one of them.

On my drive home I drove through Idaho instead of Nevada. It rained pretty hard the whole way but it did stop long enough to get a couple shots of the Sawtooth Range. I also took a picture of the sign that tells you what you are looking at in the previous shot. If you leave the previous window open you can view them both either side by side or one above the other.

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