Millerton Madera Trail

The Madera side's single track is much shorter than the one across the lake. Even though a beginner is going to walk up a number of short steep climbs I would still consider it a beginner's ride. If you do just the single track it's 4 miles out and back. If you start outside the park and ride the ramp loop it's around 7.5 miles out and back with 850' of climbing.

This trail is on the Madera side of Millerton Lake State Park. To get there from Fresno take Hwy 41 or Blackstone Ave. to Friant Road. If you take Blackstone it becomes Friant Road. Just as you pass through the tiny town of Friant Millerton dam is directly in front of you. Before you head up the hill to the right of the dam you will make a left on North Fork Road. This road crosses over the river then ends at a "T" in a couple miles where you make a right on Hwy 145. In a 1.5+ miles you make a right to go to the Millerton Park entrance.

If you want to make it a longer ride you will park on the right .6 miles from the entrance (N37 01.3026 W119 42.0749). There is a turnout/parking area right in front of the sign on the right indicating that you are entering the park. There isn't any parking past that sign until you enter the park. If you only want to do the single track its 1.2 miles from this sign to the start of the single track.

For the short course enter the park ($3) and drive .6 miles to the start of the single track (N37 01.2736 W119 41.1354), it's on the left. Easy trail to follow that has some steep little climbs scattered throughout its length. I don't think I've been able to ride the whole thing without getting off my bike. It's a more physically taxing ride than the Marina Trail. The single track is 2 miles long or 4 out and back.

At the end of the single track (N37 01.3425 W119 40.0085) you can take a cool down lap down to the ramp. This loop adds another mile to the ride and provides views of the lake. After the loop you can either take the road back or return on the single track.

Take the single track's a good place to practice your skills for rides that will test and take you further.

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