Lower Rock Creek

This trail can be a bit technical in more than a few places. It's not scary hard but can force someone off their bike for a little bike hiking more often than you might like. Not to say it's not a great ride, it is and I'll be doing it many times again. It is number three on my list of must do rides in the area.

We shuttled it as a downhill ride but it can be done as an out and back or a loop. From Bishop travel north 9 miles on Hwy 395 till you come to the Rovana-Pine Creek Road. You will exit from left lane of Hwy 395 and cross over the southbound lanes. Right after you cross over take the next right onto the road that parallels 395 going north. You will be on Lower Rock Creek Road (old 395) at this point. When you are looking at the restaurant/bar/store at Paradise Camp the trail starts/ends on the right side but you will want to park you car on the left keeping in mind not to block access to their business.

Now you can either ride up the trail or Lower Rock Creek Road to the top of this trail. We choose to run a shuttle so we continued on up Lower Rock Creek Road (almost 8 miles) till just before it rejoins the Hwy 395. There is parking on the left and the trail starts just across the street.

I took the GPS but didn't record any turns because there isn't any. The trail follows the creek for the next 8 miles, crossing it several times. For the most part the first half is fast and fun with a few technical spots. The first time you cross over the road you have to ride back up the road over the bridge and then down the other side. The next time you cross the road just head diagonally down the road to the other side of the bridge and rejoin the trail.

The second half is a bit more technical and can be quite narrow in places. Sometimes narrow from bushes and trees other times from rocks. Watch out for poison oak if it bothers you. I'm somewhat susceptible to it and had a few small spots when I got home days later.

Near the end there will be some decisions to make but they aren't that tuff. You will cross the creek one more time. Remember at the very end you are riding through Paradise Camp so mind your manners to show them how nice mountain bikers are. I hope they realize our bikes never crap on the trail.

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