Lake Tahoe

This is my favorite out-of-town riding destination. Most of the riding is in the Tahoe City/Truckee areas. Starting with the Truckee area here is a picture of Castle Peak. This is taken from nearly the highest point on the Hole in the Ground Trail.

The next four shots are from The Flume Trail. The first being of some low income housing that caught my eye. The bugs must be terrible not to mention the noise from the lake. The next shot along the Flume is of Sand Point.

We had an adventure on this trip and got off on our own. Some may describe it as "lost" but we knew we were in California, or was it Nevada? ;-) We were thinking of backtracking when we came upon this view looking south at the Carson Valley. It was getting a little late and we were in shorts and t-shirts which isn't the best way to dress in the high country at night. Are fears disappeared when we crested a saddle just below Snow Valley Peak. From there we could all but see the car at Spooner Lake. All turned out well and now we have a new ride. This shot is from the saddle looking toward South Lake Tahoe/Emerald Bay.

I have several Tahoe/Truckee area trail guides listed here that have some pictures taken during bike trips including the Flume trail. So if you like the pictures posted here you might want to check those out.

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