I'm in the process of updating the site. So maybe a link or two won't work and if you run across one please send me an Also the Photos section is being completely rebuilt so the pages download quicker. Instead of opening a page (slowly) with several images on it, now you can click on links to view the picture. They will open in their own window which means you will have to close the window unless you like to have a lot of windows open. ;-)

Several new trail descriptions have been added to the trails page. Just returned from a trip to Tahoe. I have new pictures and descriptions of some of the trails around Lake Tahoe. The will be more to follow so check back.

I like the functionality of the Site Chart (top and bottom of each page) so it is there to stay unless there is some negative feedback. There are actually two of them, the main one and one for the biking side of the site. You can switch back and forth using the links in the top right of each chart page. So far those that have used them like them. If you have any comments about the site chart page please drop me a

Check out the new pictures of the local wildflowers... This site has been split in two and you can access both using the Site Navigation Chart... New trails with GPS info have been listed at the Biking site... Pictures of the wildlife, rivers and geysers of the park on Yellowstone page... Snowmobile trips into the Sierras with views of Mammoth Mountain and the Minarets... New trails in the Mammoth Lakes and Owens Valley areas - see trails page...

Check back now and again to see if anything changes.

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