For a few weeks in the spring the semi-arid desert we call the central valley foothills are alive with wildflowers. Sometimes there are lots, sometimes not so many. During a heavy rain year there was a particular lack of poppies. I suspect the seeds were washed away but I could be wrong.

I have a add-on to my camera that makes macro photography much easier. This attachment magnifies the LCD screen of the camera so I can focus on the subject. When using a macro lens (wide angle) I'm unable to use the viewfinder and the LCD is too small (for my sight) to focus properly but this little magnifier corrects that problem nicely. So things are getting better, now I just have to figure out what the heck the names of the flowers are.

Most pictures were taken in the foothills above Fresno at an elevation between 500'-3000' with some from the high country (6000'-10000'). They are grouped alphabetically so click on a letter to view.


I also have some that are yet to be identified so if you know your flowers please have a look at these. If you see some that I have misidentified please drop me a note.

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