When I first moved to this area I would head up to Yosemite whenever I got a chance. These days I'm generally just passing through. It gets so busy in the valley during the summer I don't like going down there. I need to get back up there to take some pictures one of these early spring mornings. I do have a few shots from the last two drive thrus.

You can sit in El Cap Meadow and watch the climbers head up El Capitan. I really don't care for heights. I don't mind dropping down the face of a large ocean wave or over a waterfall on a river but the thought of falling on rock bothers me. A couple of the guys I used to kayak with who are climbers (they teach climbing in Yosemite) offered to take me up this rock several times. I think they were kidding or just didn't realize that they would be risking their lives being tied to me.

If you ever want to see if heights bother you then hike to the top of Yosemite Falls. My kayaking buddies boat Yosemite Creek and I always wanted to do it but something always came up and the window to do it is narrow. The take out is a bit above the falls and you sure don't want to miss that eddy. Another great test is to hike up the Vernal Falls/Nevada Falls trail and then continue on up the Half Dome Trail.

I'm generally headed to the other side of the Sierras via Tioga Pass. The shot of Half Dome was taken from there and this one of Tenaya Lake was taken from the same turnout.

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