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I recently picked up a GPS to record info about the trails I ride and to cut down on the wandering (getting lost) that seems to happen with regularity. Even with it we still got lost on this local trail but thanks to this device maybe you won't. We really don't mind getting off the main trail because so often it leads to some amazing adventures and adds to the stories. See Gear Page for more info on the GPS and other gear.

To date there are trail descriptions, including maps and GPS waypoints for the majority, for the Fresno (including local mountain rides), Mammoth and Truckee/Lake Tahoe areas. The Tahoe trail page has been recently updated with pictures, maps and GPS points. There is also one new trail along with updated info about most of the rides that were listed there.


Note: All mileage on my trail descriptions are taken from my bike computer because most people have them and few ride with a GPS. See Gear Page for more computer info. I do have waypoints listed for those that do ride with a GPS or want to plot them on a topo map. If you would like a .tpo file of one of these rides send me an .


Links to Trail Maps and Profiles are at the top and bottom of each page.

I do not guarantee the accuracy of any trail descriptions so always go prepared.

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