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Lake Tahoe

This is my favorite out-of-town riding destination. Most of the trail descriptions here are in the Tahoe City/Truckee areas. Starting with the Truckee area here is a picture of Castle Peak. The Castle Peak picture was taken from nearly the highest point on the Hole in the Ground Trail.

The next several shots are from The Flume Trail. The first being of some low income housing that caught my eye. The bugs must be terrible not to mention the noise from the lake. The next shot along the Flume is of Sand Point. Here are views to the north, west and south that were taken on the "lost" trip.

We had an adventure on the first Flume trip and got off on our own. I think the problems started when I took this picture of Al at the Red House and he was smiling. Some may say we were "lost" but we knew we were in California, or was it Nevada...anyway we were thinking of backtracking when we came upon this view looking east at the Carson City. It was getting a little late and we were in shorts and t-shirts, which isn't the best way to dress in the high country at night. Our fears were gone when we crested a saddle just below Snow Valley Peak when we saw the lake. From there it was all we had to do was ride down this beautiful valley to the car. All turned out well and now we have a new ride. Turns out this part of the trail is closed to bikes, so don't take this route. We found a better route that is described on the Flume Trail page.

We have just returned from our second (my third) trip to Tahoe for biking. This time I brought my GPS to record the trails so there are updated descriptions of the trails below. We have discovered a new trail that is excellent to get acclimated to the altitude. The Sawtooth Trail will replace the Emigrant as our warm up, especially in the later summer months. We started this trip on the Emigrant but I forgot to turn on tracking on the GPS so we had to do it twice. Al was very excited about this development as the Emigrant is NOT his favorite trail. So after riding the Sawtooth we went back and rode the Emigrant again. He was speechless about this mostly because there were women and children about. We had a pitcher of margaritas that night and he was fine after that, or at least better. We did ride it as a one-way and did it backwards to boot (Stampede to Prosser). For more about that visit the Emigrant page.

Unfortunately we were snowed out of the Hole in the Ground trail this trip so it won't be updated at this time though I hope to get up there towards the end of summer. This trip began on June 27th and ended on July 1st 2004. We stayed at Donner State Park which is very convenient for trail access. They've had hot showers there for as long as I've been staying there but now the bathrooms and showers are new. Showers are quarter operated and three quarters get you a 7.5 minute hot shower or if you need a longer one you can put as many as 10 quarters in at one time. The only down side to this trip were the mosquitos. I hadn't noticed them before in the latter months of summer but they were out in force on this late spring trip.

There are several Tahoe/Truckee area trail descriptions listed here with pictures that I've taken along the way. There are many more trails to ride in the Tahoe and surrounding area so you might want to check some of them out. The two happy faces on the map below that are above Highway 80 are links to the Hole in the Ground and Emigrant Trails (left to right). Next are three trails down Highway 89, starting at the top is Sawtooth then Western States then Alpine Meadows. On the East shore of the lake is The Flume Trail. There are many more but I haven't had a chance to do them - yet.

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I do not guarantee the accuracy of any trail descriptions so always go prepared.

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