Biking has replaced kayaking as my main form of recreation/exercise. I want to sell my kayaking gear so if anyone is interested drop me a . Due to an auto accident a couple years ago I wasn't able to ride hence I put a bit of weight on. After most of the injuries healed I started riding a couple of days a week. A year ago I picked up a road bike and started riding it as much as I could. I've dropped 40 pounds so it's done me well. Road biking is also a great way to improve your mountain biking endurance. And the old mountain bike feels like your riding on air after riding on the road.


I drove over to the east side of the Sierras to help Al (brother) get his computer setup, install garage door opener (didn't know about that) and do a little riding this month. He has just moved from SoCal to Chalfant (small town in flood plane 15 miles north of Bishop on Hwy 6). Terrific views from his house of the White Mountains (out of the kitchen window) and the eastern side of the Sierras (out of the living room window). He just bought a new Gary Fisher Sugar + so he was eager to give it a spin. Visit the Mammoth Trails page to read about some trails that we did this time. There are also some pictures from our hike 'n' bike there.


Lake Tahoe is one of my favorite riding destinations. I usually stay at Donner State Park in Truckee, the rangers are friendly and the scenery is great. There are quite a few rides that start within easy driving distance from the park. We stayed at Emerald Bay State Park on one trip for a couple nights but I wouldn't recommend it. Emerald Bay is where the rude rangers hang out and views of the lake from the camp sites are few and far between. Most sites are accessed by one road so it's noisy when campers are coming and going.

Trail descriptions and maps to the rides I've done are located here. Some of the descriptions have links to photos taken along the way.

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